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climate crisis: earth eater, sky polluterAt a recent Circuit meeting, Mark Owens gave a presentation about the Climate Emergency.  Revd Yvonne asked for this theme to be put on every church council agenda. Some of our preachers will be following the theme for chosen church services.

Read Mark's reflections on the subject.




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The Storehouse, Congleton

Emergency food for people in need

Please consider donating food and other required items

See the Shopping List of what's needed




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Clothing needed for Afghan Refugee Children.

Click here for more details.




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In the midst of the seemingly intractable problems of Israel Palestine, what hope is there for peace?

John Howard, who has lived in Bethlehem and seen how difficut life is in the West Bank, tells stories of the present and the past, explains how we got to where we are today and asserts that there are still good reasons for hope.

Read more.




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Certain churches where worship in person is possible every week can let people from anywhere in the Circuit join the service, using Zoom. Holmes Chapel Church are enabling this currently.

Holmes Chapel Joining details

Starts 10:30, join 10:15-10:25, via Zoom;      or telephone

Follow this link to join the session:

Meeting ID:  577 065 2218

Passcode:    979173

Dial-In:       0330 088 5830

For more information, please contact Revd Yvonne Pearson or
contact brian donlon



















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Sunday 24 Oct 4.00pm
EDI Discussions
Saturday 30 Oct 10.00am
A Day to Remember
Sunday 31 Oct 10.45am
Davenport: Bacon Butty Church
Sunday 31 Oct 3.00pm
MWiB 10th Birthday
Monday 8 Nov 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meeting
Sunday 30 Jan 10.45am
Davenport: Bacon Butty Church