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A video recording of on-line worship is provided by Dane and Trent Circuit each week, in time for Sunday morning service, and remains available for some weeks

If you know someone who cannot access the on-line worship system above, access to the Circuit service is available by phone.  Please let people know.

There are gatherings for worship in some Circuit churches. 
See the Circuit Home page or the Preaching Plan. 

Live, on-line worship is offered daily at Wesley Chapel, London and also remains available afterwards.


The Circuit hosts a Weekly Zoom Prayer Meeting at 6.00pm on Mondays.

You are invited to join the Methodist weekly virtual prayer meeting on Tuesdays at 12:45.

Dial-a-Prayer or dial for news from the Methodist Church


Service Sheets and more have been created by the Methodist Church for you to refer to, to support personal acts of worship.

See also the weekly service sheet for Vine at Home.




Coming up soon . . .

Tuesday 20 Oct 12.45pm - Tuesday 31 Aug
National, Weekly Prayer Meeting [Online]
Monday 19 Oct 6.00pm - Monday 30 Aug
Circuit Weekly Prayer Meeting
Friday 6 Nov - Sunday 8 Nov
Circuit Weekend Cancelled