Ministers' Contact Details
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Responsible for Churches...
 Revd Yvonne J Pearson
 (Circuit Superintendent Minister)
 Yvonne Pearson contact details
 (day off: Friday)
  Bradshaw Brook

  Holmes Chapel
Key Green 
  Rood Lane

Revd Yvonne J Pearson
 Revd Anne Coates
Contact details for Revd Anne Coates
 (day off: Thursday)
  Hill Top
  Mow Cop
  New Road
Revd Anne Coates
 Revd Margaret Eaton
 Revd. Margaret Eaton contact details
 (days off: Monday, Friday, Saturday)
  Lower Withington
Revd Margaret Eaton
 Revd Nic Langton-Miller
nlm contacts
 (day off: Friday; study day: Monday)
  Brookhouse Green
Revd Nic Langton-Miller
 Revd Arthur Wakelin
 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 phone: 01782 812456
 mobile: 07780 851152
 (days off: tba)
  Trinity Revd Arthur_Wakelin

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