Trinity hosted a concert by Audley Male Voice Choir, led by their wonderful musical director, Christopher Cromar, and their star accompanist, Anna Chiu. The event was organised by Douglas Parker of Trinity who is also a member of the choir. The event raised more than £1,400 for church funds.

Audley Male Voice Chor at Trinity

The place was packed as the choir performed a range of pieces, from Rhythm of Life (from the musical, Sweet Charity) and My Luve is Like a Red Red Rose, to Morte Criste (When I survey the wondrous cross) and Gwahoddiad. The applause was loud and long.

Dougas Parker sings soloIn addition to the choir’s singing, Douglas Parker sang solo pieces, including Almost Like Being in Love (from ‘Brigadoon’) and Edelweiss. The audience were delighted by his fine baritone voice and joined in the singing when they had the opportunity.

Anna Chiu, the choir accompanistChristopher and Anna performed A Children’s Overture by Roger Quilter as a duet on the piano, their fingers dancing up and down the keyboard, their arms doing ‘cross-overs’! They are top class musicians so their playing was a treat.

Christopher, a renowned organ soloist, made the church organ sing to the rafters as he played pieces such as The Typewriter by Leroy Anderson.

The concert closed with the choir singing their party piece: The Perfect Male Voice Choir (“Well nearly perfect”). Everyone agreed it had been a really special night.

People can now look forward to the next performance in Congleton by the choir, in the Town Hall, on Friday, 12th July.

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