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Service Sheets and more have been created by the Methodist Church for you to refer to, to support personal acts of worship.

See also the weekly service sheet for Vine at Home.

Dial-a-Prayer or dial for news from the Methodist Church


The Circuit hosts a Weekly Zoom Prayer Meeting at 6.00pm on Mondays.

You are invited to join the Methodist weekly virtual prayer meeting on Tuesdays at 12:45.

You are invited to the Circuit Bible Study Zoom meetings on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month, from 7.00pm.


A video recording of on-line worship is provided via Youtube by Dane and Trent Circuit each week, in time for Sunday morning service, and remains available for some weeks

If you know someone who cannot access the on-line worship system, access to the sound track of the Circuit Youtube service is available by phone.  Please let people know.

At 10:00 and 18:00 each Sunday there is an Internet broadcast  of Hymns and Reflections by Dane Sounds Radio.  It has been organised by Jill Booth of Holmes Chapel Methodist Church.

Each Sunday the Circuit provides a short service for young children, via Youtube: Kids' Corner.

Live, on-line worship is offered daily at Wesley Chapel, London and also remains available afterwards.




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The policy of the Methodist Church of Great Britain is described in the Managing Trustees’ Privacy Notice document describing in general terms how people’s privacy is respected and how their personal information is protected.

This web site handles personal information (text) and images of people.  Both are protected.  See the web site's policy for Protecting Personal Information.




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Be a Street Pastor or Prayer Pastor in Congleton

Just one Evening a Month

The Church in action on the streets.

Pastors Wanted to serve one evening a month on a rota basis.

Contact Rev Andrew Lindley or Anne Argent.
For details see flier.



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Difficult to Talk about God and Faith?

How easily do you and people in your church talk about God and faith? 

Use the resources in the freshly redesigned pages of
the Methodist Church web site. 

For details, see leaflet

Footnote: The leaflet is displayed sideways but you can rotate it your browser.



Coming up soon . . .

Monday 10 May - Sunday 16 May
Christian Aid Week 2021
Friday 21 May 7.00pm
Circuit Bible Study -- April to June
Friday 4 Jun 7.00pm
Circuit Bible Study -- April to June
Friday 18 Jun 7.00pm
Circuit Bible Study -- April to June
Sunday 27 Jun
Ordination of Rev Nic Langton-Miller
Friday 9 Jul
Action-for-Children Boycott-Bed Appeal