Finding your way to Church
(Primitive Street,  Mow Cop,  Stoke on Trent ST7 3NW)
(WARNING – see footnote)
Mow Cop

Footnote: The position of the pointer on the map above is slightly misplaced.  The church is in the angle enclosed by Woodcock Lane and Primitive Street.  Increase the magnification of the map to see this position more clearly.  Google Maps have been informed that Mow Cop Methodist Church is not recognised by the system.

Mow Cop Events

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Sunday 3 Oct 2.30pm
Brookhouse Green Harvest
Monday 11 Oct 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meeting
Saturday 16 Oct 9.30am
International Coffee Shop Sunday Convention
Saturday 30 Oct 10.00am
A Day to Remember
Monday 8 Nov 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meeting