History of the Chapel

Methodism came to Key Green in 1808, when a cottage was opened for preaching purposes. A small chapel was built in 1821 at a cost of £90.  Contributions realised £20 and £70 was borrowed at 3.5% p.a.  Income was from pew rents at £2.10.0 p.a. and rent from the Sunday School of £3.0.0 p.a.

Growth continued and in 1845 the present Chapel was begun, the work being superintended by Joshua Ward, who also drew up the plans,  and the stone coming from The Cloud. (
Joshua Ward later designed Wagg Street Day and Sunday School and New Trinity in 1869.). The interior was much as today, with enclosed pulpit and the pews rising in steps until they are halfway up the wall.

The first recorded decorations cost 4s 5d (22 pence) in 1846 for whitewash. The first Sunday School outing was to Trentham, costing £2.1.8 (
approx. £2.08).


Attendance data for 1851 shows that services were held in the afternoon and evening (though not the morning). The Sunday School in the afternoon had 75 pupils. Together with 95 adults, that amounted to a congregation of 170.  In the evening, when there was no Sunday School, 102 people turned out.

 In 1852, music was provided by a bass violin (!) costing four guineas. Then a harmonium provided the music in 1859.

The present organ was bought in 1903 from Hulme Walfield Church,.  It was renovated by Arthur Warrell of Swan Street in Congleton, who also stencilled the pipes.

The Chapel field was donated in 1921 and at the same time it was decided to build a Schoolroom adjoining the Chapel, which was opened in October 1923.

 key green interior
 Key Green Chapel front front view

The old Chapel cum Sunday School was sold for £100 and became Sycamore Cottage. On June 19th 1983, to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Sunday School, we held an Open Air Service on the field.

Mr Peter Stuffins was the Speaker and music was provided by Berisfords' Junior Band.  (Six people in the congregation had been present at the stone-laying ceremony in 1923.) 

Our Open Air Service has now become an annual event.

We only need to look around us at Key Green to find it easy to give Thanks and Praise to God for the glory of his creation and for his son Jesus Christ, to whose glory this church was built and has since been maintained by faithful followers for nearly 200 years key green view


Thanks to A History of Key Green Chapel - John Anderson, 1995


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