Access to the Chapel

car parking
The church is perched on the hillside, looking out over the Dane Valley. There is no car park as such but parking on the road below the church is not a problem.

wheelchair access
The church has toilet facilities which enable wheelchair access. Be aware that access to the church from the road is by way of a very steep path of significant length.
busTransport to Church

There is always some kind-hearted member of the congregation who would be happy to give you a lift in their car if you find you need transport. Just ask people or contact the church minister.

Alternatively, services are recorded and can be made available to anyone unable to get to church.

Cloud Events

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Monday 13 Sep 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meeting
Sunday 19 Sep 6.00pm
District Service: President and Vice-President
Monday 11 Oct 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meeting
Monday 8 Nov 10.00am
CTC Prayer Meeting