street pastorsBy November 2018, there were seventeen Street Pastors, including three new ones who, having been out as observers, began to be officially part of the team going out on patrol.

It’s encouraging to see different groups coming together to help our Community.  Rumba restaurant, now established on Swan Bank, provides a good stop in order to connect with people.

New volunteers are always welcome, especially for Street Pastors.  If you’d like to volunteer for the Street Pastors please contact Revd Andrew Lindley and for the Prayer Pastors please contact Anne Argent.

We continue to serve on either Friday or Saturday each week. The Saturday shifts have mainly been late shifts covering 10 pm to 2 a.m., whereas the Friday ones are mainly 8 pm to midnight. We try to cover suitable Town Events Nights. It is impossible to cover every eventuality but we trust the Lord that we are out when He wants us to be and that He guides us to those Divine appointments.

Quiet nights are not wasted nights as we may never know the seeds that we have sown, the encouragement and hope we may have given. LOL [Listening Out Loud] have been most helpful when the Street Pastors have come across Homeless people or others in need.

It’s encouraging to see different groups coming together to help our Community.  The Prayer Pastors pray back at base which means the Street Pastors can phone them.

We have a more than adequate number on the Prayer Team at present.  Anyone thinking of volunteering as a Street Pastor can go out with the Team one evening as an observer.

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Monday 22 Feb - Sunday 7 Mar
Fairtrade Fortnight 2021
Friday 5 Mar 7.00pm
Circuit Bible Study Meeting
Friday 19 Mar 7.00pm
Circuit Bible Study Meeting