local preacher awards, February 2018


A Circuit Together event was held in February 2018 at Trinity Methodist Church, to celebrate and give thanks for seven Local Preachers with a total of 275 years service.

The event started in the afternoon with a workshop led by Rachel Lampard, past Vice-President of the Methodist Church and who is currently Team Leader of the Joint Public Issues Team, churches working for peace and justice. see http://www.jointpublicissues.org.uk

The workshop was entitled “Politics is too important to be left to politicians and political parties! What can WE do?”. Rachel was engaging and enlightening and the workshop was enjoyed and appreciated by over 40 participants.

Following an excellent Faith Tea, the evening service, led by Revd. Yvonne Pearson Superintendent Minister, was inspired by Rachel Lampard's message.  Rsachel then presented the seven Local Preachers with their Long Service Certificates. These are: pictured from the left ( front row ) Rev Yvonne Pearson, Doug Gibbons (60 years ), Harold Mellor ( 25 years), Ann Hargreaves ( 40 years ), Rachel Lampard. (Back row from the left ) Alec Needham ( 25 years), John Penney ( 60 years ), Mervyn Lovatt ( 40 years ) and David Tildesley ( 25 years ).

As a part of the service, all Local Preachers both lay and ordained stood as their names were read out by the Local Preachers Secretary Mrs Hilary Balsdon to affirm their calling and renew their promises.

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