panorama of the city of Aleppo

Praxis (The public issues newsletter of The Baptist Union of Great Britain, The Methodist Church, The United Reformed Church and The Church of Scotland) have launched A Very British Nativity, a new campaign video highlighting the injustice in the UK asylum system.

At the start of December 2016, the UK Government released its quarterly migration statistics, which show that in September 2016, 37,958 asylum seekers in the UK were receiving support from the Government’s National Asylum Support Service.  As a result of their recognition as sylum seekers they qualify for accommodation and/or financial support of less than £6 per day!

Who hosts the world's refugees? [Praxis]
The report also reveals that so far in 2016, 45% of appeals made by asylum seekers were allowed.  Numbers like these indicate that the system currently in place is struggling to assess adequately the needs of asylum seekers.
Praxis asylum challenges in UK
As we think about the system that asylum seekers face when they arrive in the UK, we also remember the situations that they are fleeing. For example, the situation in besieged Aleppo.
Praxis 5 percent asylum seekers to UK
The UN has warned that mass starvation in Aleppo is a real prospect if aid is not allowed in. As the city comes under further bombardment and food is about to run out, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu faith leaders call on the UK Government to act. They issued a statement on 28th November

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