How well, or not so well, do churches receive people with dementia, and their carers?


Dementia is a subject I was very keen to investigate more. I am eager to discover what our church can do to help people with dementia and their carers. It seems to me that as Government funding continues to decrease and local facilities are hit by these ongoing cuts, the church perhaps has the resources needed to help, especially with its buildings and people.

wisdom  -  2 owls

Wisdom can be found in the most unlikely of places. Truth will jump out at us sometimes when we are least expecting it.

The Holy Spirit can sometimes tell us something even when we are not directly invoking his guidance.  We may just find ourselves surprised and suddenly grasped by an unexpected utterance or action which overwhelms us by how right it is.

It does not have to come from the Bible, the Creeds or the Hymn Book.  But if it does strike us as undeniably true, then we will also discover that it is consonant with what Holy Scripture teaches and resonates with it.  The Bible does not contain everything that should be considered to be true, although we believe that it contains all that is necessary for our salvation.  We do, however, also believe that the Holy Spirit is a manifestation of the living God, who still has new things to say to us.

male minister stereotype

When I was a probationer minister in my first church, I once had a phone call from a friend of my wife who had moved into a private preparatory school nearby. It was the middle of the night. She told me that all her electricity had gone off. Would I come?

Well, Joyce, you don't need me. You need an electrician, don't you? She said: "I've called the Electricity Board and they're sending a man round. I don't want to be alone in my flat with a man at this time of night. Will you come?"

Being a gallant knight with a maiden in distress I went round. It was a cold night but she had had so many appliances on at the same time that she had overloaded the system and fused everything. 

On the way from Davenport to Brookhouse Green : finding the right path

During late May and Early June 2016, Revd. Yvonne Pearson, the Superintendent Minister of Dane and Trent Circuit, set out to walk the length of the Circuit, working her way from church to church, in seven stages. 

On each stage she was accompanied by groups of people from the churches in the areas she was walking through.  She has written a report showing pictures of some of the people she met on her walk and some of the places and things she saw, plus descriptions and reflections on what happened. 

map of dworp, belgium

I wonder whether you could find Dworp on a map. It is quite a small Belgian village.

I travelled there with the Revd Keith Hurt, who was then in charge of the University chaplains throughout the Connexion. He picked me out as his travelling companion because of my 'well-known language skills'.

We crossed the Channel with his camper van and spent the first night parked in the car park at Calais harbour.  The following day we drove across the north of France and Belgium on a kind of pilgrimage.  The thread we were following was to see the paintings of Jan van Eyck in Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp, before going to a Conference of University Chaplains from across Europe.

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