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Advent & Lent Courses   +   'Talking of God'
At Goostrey Methodist Church, joint courses with the Anglican Church are run at Advent and Lent.  These are based on the York Courses.

Also at Goostrey Church a series of bible study meetings are held, entitled 'Talking of God'. 
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Disciple Course   +   Bible Study
At Holmes Chapel Methodist Church, for the Disciple Course, people read and discuss the Bible, both old and New Testments, relating it to their own discipleship.

Also at Holmes Chapel Church, the Bible study group study selected topics from the Bible, e.g. Paul's letters, or the Book of Job.



Journey is "a new introductory course for those who want a way into Christianity based on the life and ministry of Jesus in the Gospels, and upon discipleship to the Kingdom of God. This radical programme is designed to provide an alternative to some more traditional courses, and is written for Groups or individuals exploring the issues." 

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Developed at Holy Trinity, Brompton, over the last twenty years, Alpha is a 15-session practical introduction to the Christian faith. It's aimed especially at people who don't go to church. At Holy Trinity, Alpha courses are held throughout the year and have hundreds of people attending each week. The syllabus for the course is contained in the book Questions of Life. 

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An exploration of contemporary spirituality looking towards a lifestyle integrating body, mind and spirit. Drawing from the teachings of Jesus and the Christian mystics. Essence is designed for all who recognise that they are on a spiritual journey and have a desire to continue that journey. Whilst written from a Christian perspective the aim is to explore with others the spiritual journey. It is written for those within the church and outside the church and also for those with a 'new age' philosophy.


Rock Solid

Throughout the 1990's the Rock Solid programme has been developed by YFC (Youth for Christ) in order to help local churches reach out to young people. Rock Solid is specifically geared towards the 11-14 age group, with their particular tastes, interests and needs in mind. Each club night is based around a particular theme such as: friendship, bullying, the media, drugs, forgiveness etc.

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