What is a Methodist Circuit?

* A Methodist Circuit is a grouping of churches that, in days gone by, a preacher would be able to travel round on horseback to visit and preach.

* Nowadays, it is an administrative grouping of two or more 'Societies' (churches), under a Superintendent Minister, usually supported by one or more other Ministers, according to the total number of churches and members.

* The Circuit is the main functional unit of Methodism, in that a large number of activities are organised at this level. For example, Ministers are appointed firstly to the Circuit and secondly to the pastoral care of specific churches.

* Circuits are grouped together into Districts, typically from one to three counties in extent, grouping together from 10 to 50 Circuits.

* What churches make up this Circuit and thus what geographical area the Circuit occupies has varied considerably during its history since 1746.

* Today, Dane and Trent Methodist Circuit comprises seventeen churches and chapels and a team of ministers and preachers requiring a stableful of horses!